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Pump-out Information

Richardson’s Bay was declared a Federal “No Discharge Zone” on August 11, 1987. This means that direct discharge of effluent into Richardson’s Bay waters is a misdemeanor crime. Direct pump-out of sewage poses a serious health hazard and degrades the environment that we live in. Annual water testing for fecal coliform has shown that we sometimes have bacteria levels that exceed standards for water recreation.

Mobile Vessel Pump-out Service

Mobile vessel pump-out service is available through these local providers:

Also very helpful is the San Francisco Bay Pumpout Guide and Map for Boaters at

  • Never discharge heads or holding tanks into the Bay. This includes Lectra-San treatment heads! 
  • Clean-up properly after your pets with plastic bags, to be deposited in garbage cans. Pets breed fecal coliform too.
  • Report any violations to your harbormaster, and the RBRA Harbormaster at (415) 971-3919

We need your help to push these levels back down!

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