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Mooring Field, May 13, 2022

RBRA is developing a mooring field, consistent with the BCDC Agreement:  Mooring Field

In August 2021, the Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) executed an Agreement with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC).

This Agreement laid out a plan that ultimately leads to the removal of all illegally anchored vessels and floating homes by October 15, 2026.

See the  Agreement (PDF)


A part of this program includes development of a temporary mooring field:

Temporary Use of Moorings. By December 15, 2022, RBRA will (emphasis added) install in its anchoring zone (outside of its Eelgrass Protection Zone) approximately 15 to 20 moorings such as those described in RBRA’s Ecologically-based Mooring Feasibility Assessment and Planning Study.

In order to accomplish this, RBRA executed a contract with GHD, an engineering firm, to engineer and design the moorings and to oversee the installation.

The moorings will be placed, as described above, in the anchorage zone, and outside the eelgrass zone. Vessels placed on the moorings will be inspected to ensure suitability for use of a mooring.

The consultant GHD presented to the RBRA Board on April 14, 2022.

See a PDF of the April 14 GHD presentation


The Board decided at that time to place no more than 15 moorings, and to affirm the temporary nature of the moorings.

GHD again presented to the Board on May 12, 2022.

See a PDF of the May 12 GHD presentation


See a PDF of May 12, RBRA Presentation

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