Mooring Field

RBRA is developing a mooring field, consistent with the BCDC Agreement:  Mooring Field

In August 2021, the Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) executed an Agreement with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC).

This Agreement laid out a plan that ultimately leads to the removal of all illegally anchored vessels and floating homes by October 15, 2026.

See the  Agreement Read More “Mooring Field”

Eelgrass Protection and Management Plan Adopted August 12, 2021

Assisted by Coastal Policy Solutions with the involvement of stakeholders and other interested parties, RBRA has adopted an Eelgrass Protection and Management Plan (EPMP) that recognizes the important eelgrass habitat of Richardson’s Bay.   The plan establishes an eelgrass protection/no-anchoring zone separate from an anchoring zone.

Click here for Coastal Policy Solutions EPMP Report September 8, 2022

Click here for Audubon Read More “Eelgrass Protection and Management Plan Adopted August 12, 2021”

The Facts About Vessel Removal

There have recently been a number of online postings regarding the treatment of individuals living in vessels on the Richardson’s Bay anchorage that are misleading and inaccurate. The misleading postings have implied that individuals have been removed from their vessels, had their vessels destroyed and were subsequently made homeless amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. None of this is true. If you … Read More “The Facts About Vessel Removal”

Agreement on Anchorage Management and Environmental Protections

Under a new agreement between two agencies overseeing Richardson’s Bay in southern Marin County, only seaworthy vessels will be allowed to anchor on a temporary basis in the bay after October 2026 to preserve the area’s sensitive ecology.

Both the RBRA Board of Directors and the Bay Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC) have approved an agreement that establishes milestones that … Read More “Agreement on Anchorage Management and Environmental Protections”

Anchorage Transition

The Agency has initiated its Transition Plan to improve the health, safety, and management of the bay through enforcement of requirements for anchored vessels, housing relocation support, and eelgrass protection and restoration.

Vessels used as primary housing that were in the August 2019 census were able to enroll by October 15, 2020 to become eligible for deferred enforcement of the … Read More “Anchorage Transition”

An Avoidable Disaster

An Avoidable Disaster A few short weeks ago, RBRA sent out a newsletter stating that Richardson’s Bay can become extremely dangerous, fast. Sadly, this prescient warning was not heeded.

During the severe wind event that stretched from January 18th to 19th, at least 16 vessels went adrift. Two of these vessels collided, resulting in one vessel sinking and the occupant … Read More “An Avoidable Disaster”

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